Friday, June 26, 2009

The King - MJ

Cant understand how fate works sometimes. Woke up today to the news of the demise of Michael Jackson and I just couldnt understand how it happened so suddenly. Iavor do remember discussing him a week ago, about his predicted skin cancer and how he was one of the persons who just ruined a sky high reputation in a turn of a finger.He made a whole lot of things famous - Plastic surgery, cosmetic skin color change (or excessive make-up), American legal system etc apart from his speciality - amazing music and some out of the world dance.

I personally think MJ introduced America and englees (its not a mistake, people who listened to MJ were branded the englees kind in our times) music to India. Dangerous and Beat it were the favorites in farewells, dance competitions, culturals until I graduated and even now may be. Who can forget screaming "ALL I WANNA SAY IS THEY DONT REALLY CARE ABOUT US" in buses during excursions? I bet everyone who loves dance tried the walk/skate twist around routine in our bedrooms in front of TV. He opened the doors to the American world, their music, their movies and their lives. He made a PrabhuDeva, and millions of aspiring PrabhuDevas. Most of our music directors and choreographers have him to thank for "inspiring" music and extraordinary dance moves.

Good Bye, King of Pop, Legendary Dancer and an Exemplary artist, may your soul have atlast found the peace it seemed to have been searching for years.

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